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We have a history with flavours since 1912.

1911 Kikuta Yamazaki, manufactured Japan’s first domestic essence in Yokohama.
1912 Kikuta Yamazaki, founded the “Yamazaki Koryo-Ten” for the purpose of producing Japan’s first flavouring in Minamiota-cho, Yokohama.
Opened Oshiba Farm to grow lemons at Oshiba, Akitsu-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture.
Attempted to extract oil from Hiroshima Prefecturally grown navel oranges at the Yokohama Factory.
Established the “Yamazaki Koryo-Ten Onomichi Factory” in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture; later, that was followed by the establishment of “Sanyo Kako Co.,Ltd.” which continued on with that business.
1941 Yamazaki Koryo-Ten merged with Sanyo Kako Co.,Ltd. and changed its name to the Yamazaki Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
Established “Manchuria Yamazaki Sangyo Co.,Ltd.” in partnership with Yoko Fujii in Harbin, Manchuria, and set up Harbin Factory.
1944 Changed the company name to “Sanyo Kako Co.,Ltd.”
Established Nippon Flavour Laboratory Co., Ltd.
1949 Nippon Flavour Research Institute Co., Ltd. was absorbed to establish the Nippon Flavour Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1950 Established “Nishinomiya Factory” in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Organizational change of Nippon Flavour Kogyo Ltd. to Nippon Flavour Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
1954 Opened the “Tokyo Sales Office” in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Held 1st Flavour Show
Under the sponsorship of 12 industry papers, we held the event at nine venues nationwide, starting with the Tokyo Metropolitan Industry Hall, Thereafter, we continued holding events until the 5th time in 1959.
Launched a monthly magazine called “Flavour”.
This lasted until issue 81, December 1, 1966.
1960 Relocated the headquarters for Nippon Flavour Kogyo Co., Ltd. to Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Introduced advertising cars with flavour prototyping experimental equipment.
1966 The late Chairman Seiichiro Takata began a series of “Flavour, its Science and Technology” in the monthly magazine “Flavour”.
1967 Founded the bimonthly magazine New Flavour.
It took over after issue 81, December 1, 1966 of Flavour.
Held 1st Flavour Technical Seminar.
Opened a flavour showroom at the Nishinomiya Factory.
The late Chairman Seiichiro Takata authored “Flavour, its Science and Technology.”
19th Century Edition Publication.
1986 Established W.F.I. (W.F.I. (H K) Limited)
Launched a monthly magazine called “New Flavour Phoenix”.
1999 Established: M.N.C. (M.C. (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.)
2006 Opened the Sanda Factory (Nishinomiya Factory moved to Technopark, Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture).
2007 Obtained GMP for food supplements at Sanda Factory.
2008 Relocated M.N.C. (M.C. (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.) to new site.
2012 Obtained ISO 14001 Certification (Tokyo headquarters, Sanda Factory)
October, 100th Anniversary of Founding.
2014 Obtained FSSC 22000 Certification at Sanda Factory.