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Company and factory tour

Company Tour (Tokyo Development Center)

Welcome to the Tokyo Development Center.
The Tokyo Development Center has been able to create new flavours through repeated research and development.

1. Entrance
This is the entrance to the Tokyo Development Center.
2. The Flavouring Room
In the flavouring room, the flavourists formulate flavourings. In order to create new flavourings, workers here consider formulations by sniffing the flavourings of raw materials and prototypes and referencing accumulated data. One flavouring table equipped with a deodorizing function is installed for each flavourist, which prevents smells from mixing. As a result, all the flavourists can work in the same room, and the can immediately consult with senior flavourists if they have any questions.
3. Formulation Room
In the formulation room, the raw materials are weighed and flavourings are extracted according to the formula. Because raw materials can have a strong odor, a deodorizing device is installed. This reduces the burden on the blending workers and prevents the transfer of flavourings to the finished flavouring sample.
Also, we conduct preservation tests on flavouring samples to determine whether flavourings are stable in various environments.
4. Application Room
In the application room, beverages and cakes are prototyped using the flavourings produced. We can make a variety of beverages, including fruit juices, carbonated drinks, and dairy beverages and the like. Also, a UHT sterilizer is installed. This makes it possible to create products under actual manufacturing conditions. In addition to that, we make all kinds of foods and beverages, such as jelly, candy, gummy, baked goods, and breads and the like, to check whether the flavourings match the products.
5. Evaluation Room
In the evaluation room, we evaluate food and beverages prepared in the application room. The evaluation benches installed include a sink. This makes it easy for workers easily to spit out flavourings in their mouths, and to gargle thereby improving their evaluation accuracy. Also, we are able to conduct round-table discussions and to communicate with the Sanda Factory via videoconference.

Factory Tour (Sanda Factory)

Completed in 2006, the Sanda Factory (Hyogo Prefecture) is our flavour manufacturing factory located in Hokusetsu Sanda Technopark which is surrounded by rich, and abundant nature.
The Sanda Factory aims further to improve not only the quality of our products, but also the working environment, every day in a safe and secure working environment.
The flavours produced here may even be used in foods or beverages that are familiar to you.
Now let’s take a look at the process used leading up to the actual flavours that are produced.

1. Entry
Change into work clothes specialized for the workplace. Wash your hands before entering the room, and remove any foreign matter from your work clothes using an adhesive rollers, mats, and an air shower before entering the room.
2. Manufacturing
Collect the prescribed raw materials from the hundreds of raw materials stored and manufacture the flavour.
3. Quality Inspection
Implement a physical inspection using analytical instruments such as gas chromatography or the like, and conduct a sensory test using human smell.
Sensory tests, which are important to verify the quality of flavourings, are carried out by trained inspectors.
4. Filling and Packaging
Fill the shipping container with the flavour that passed the quality inspection and place it in the cardboard for shipping.

One-day Experience Joining the Company

Sales Department

The sales department is developing a commercial negotiation to propose flavourings to an existing trading manufacturer.
We work with each department to suggest the best flavouring for our customers’ requirements and issues.

8:30 Morning meeting
9:00 Administrative work
Handle phone calls and email correspondence and confirm proposal materials.
10:00 Customer visits
Collect information on flavouring proposals and new development projects.
13:30 Customer visits
16:30 Return to company
Conduct internal meetings on customer requests, prepare materials for the next day’s visits, enter daily report, and others.
17:30 Quit work

Development Department

The Development Department is where we develop flavourings. We create flavourings by formulating raw materials to meet the requirements and to finish a flavouring.
The work of flavouring development is interesting in that the personality of the person in charge will come through in the selection of ingredients and the like.

8:30 Morning meeting
9:30 Flavouring formulation
We design flavourings by smelling the scents of prototypes and the ingredients.
11:30 Flavouring evaluation
We add flavourings to items that are similar to the final product (beverages, jellies, and the like) to taste for evaluation.
13:30 Formulate flavourings
We actually formulate the flavouring. This is a very delicate work because it requires us to be accurate in 0.01g units.
14:30 Flavouring stability test
We check because flavourings may change color and flavour over time.
15:00 Flavouring formulation
Knowledge and experience are questioned because there is no fixed method for determining the composition of a flavouring.
17:00 Cleanup, daily report
17:30 Quit work
We value connecting with other workers who are involved in the development of flavourings in order to satisfy our customers.

Manufacturing Department

It is the job of the Manufacturing Department job to formulate and to process according to the prescription for the scent that will satisfy our customers’ requirements.
For example, the process for a liquid citrus flavourings used in a cool drinking water is to manufacture with the processes of extraction > formulation > constant temperature filtration > inspection > filling and packaging.
The constant temperature filtration process is essential to ensure that the formulated citrus flavourings have clarity. The responsibilities are heavy, but the job is very rewarding.

8:30 Morning meeting
9:00 Work preparation
We take on our work by imagining in advance that we can finish at a predetermined standard time.
9:30 Constant temperature filtration work
There are no major differences in work depending on the type of product, but because the properties of the product differ depending on the raw materials used, we must adjust the conditions such as filtration filter and filtration rate according to the situation. The filtration situation can also vary according to the extraction conditions of the previous process. Therefore, we take data on the filtration status and examine the filtration conditions daily to ensure we attain efficient filtration.
13:30 Clean up and prepare the next day
Since the constant temperature filtration work processes multiple lines simultaneously, the timing of the end of filtration may be affected, making it difficult to assemble the operation order
15:30 Cleaning work
16:30 Cleaning
We also implement thorough hygiene management for safety and security.
17:00 Evening meeting
We try to consult with each other if we have any questions even concerning trivial matters without trying to solve them by ourselves.
17:20 Daily report
17:30 Quit work

We are committed to producing flavourings every day, without failing to check our quality and to work safely.